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Dog Wash


Serve Dog Wash

Give Your Furry Friend a Spa Day with our Private Self-Serve

Dog Wash

First come first serve basis

Self-Serve Open Hours:

Tuesday to Friday: 11am to 6pm

Saturday & Sunday: 11am to 6pm (Call to book)


Bath Options:

$16 - Bring your own products

$20 - We provide you with shampoo, a gourmet cookie for good behaviour and food sample to surprise & delight after a cozy bath.

*For safety and hygiene purposes, we don't provide towels.

Bring your furry friend to our self-serve dog wash station and enjoy a hassle-free bath experience. Our unique station is private and comes equipped with all the necessary materials to clean your pet effectively. 

Indulge into our Customizable Washing Experience - Tailor bath time to your pup's specific needs with our versatile, high-pressure sprayer, featuring three adjustable water flow settings: Soothing Mist, Rain or Massage Mode.


Say goodbye to messy bathtubs at home and make use of our easy-to-use facility today!

Earn a FREE wash

Buy 3 washes and Get the 4th FREE!

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