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Our Grooming Services

 We offer a tailored grooming service that takes care of all your dog's needs. We provide a personalized care that guarantees your pet will feel safe and comfortable during their grooming visit.

Call us to book or to get an estimate price and receive 10% OFF on your first visit.

Please note that prices are estimates and may vary depending on your pet's coat situation, behaviour and type of grooming. Extra fees may be charged.


Appointment is required.

Teeth Brushing ----------------------------------$15

Ear Cleaning------------------------------------- $10

Nail Trim------------------------------------------ $15

Tear Stain Remover ---------------------------$5

Fur-Brushing -------------------------------------$25+

Undercoat Removal----------------------------- $10

Hygiene Trim -------------------------------------$30

Whitening Shampoo-----------------------------$10

De-Shedding Treatment------------------------$16

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